New Creative People mobile version

Launching Creative People’s mobile version

New Creative People mobile version

Introducing the mobile version of Creative People!


Now you can follow your favourite artists, share ideas, listen to music, search for works and authors, all in a more compact and comfortable format for your smartphone.


Previews, Creative People mobile version


Creative People ( is the social network of SafeCreative. In it, you can share your own works, customize your author profile with information about your projects, experience and skills. It gathers in a single profile all the information other users may need about your work and how to contact you. You will also find works registered under free use licenses, and other authors to contact and collaborate with them.


This could be a good moment to customise your profile, if you haven’t done so yet. It is this easy:

1) Click on your name.

2) Click on Edit profile.

3) Customise it as you like. You can choose a profile photo and a nickname, for others to link you whenever they want to talk about you on their posts. Tags can also be added to the profile, to describe exactly the type of works you do and what defines them. Using tags makes it easier for other users to find you. Other things you can include are links to your personal website and prefered social media, a brief biography, and information about your projects and training.

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