MailStamper now protects your confidential emails

MailStamper | Email certification

Some of you may already know MailStamper, our email certification service. It is an easy way to prove that you have sent  an email, which is very handy when making complaints, sending academic essays or projects to customers.

After creating an account, all you need to do as a user is to include as another recipient whenever you wish to certify an email. It will certify sender, recipients, content and date. The resulting certificate can be accessed through a link. So, if  you  needed to share it with someone or to show  it as evidence, you only need the URL. One such as this:


The truth is that these specific addresses are very secure, the code makes them almost impossible to find or access. Despite this, we have decided to increase the level of security in order to ensure the privacy of confidential emails. If desired, you can set a password to keep the certificate hidden from prying eyes.

MailStamper | Password for confidential emails

How to do it? Certify your email as usual, go to the website and set a password for it. After that, if you want to show the certificate to someone else, they will need the verification code and the password to access it.

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