Google Drive and Safe Creative

Synchronization with Google Drive and improved interfaces

Google Drive + Safe Creative

A new feed has been added to our automatic registration services. Now you can register works automatically by synchronizing Google Drive folders with your Safe Creative account. It is very easy to configure. Those of you who have already used other feeds or Dropbox in order to register works will see that it works in the same way.

All works you upload to the synchronized folder will be registered on the spot at SC. You will have set the registration information on our page already, so you don’t have to specify it every time.


How do I synchronize Google Drive with Safe Creative?

Go to Services > Registration Feeds > Google Drive. Once there we will have to create a new registration, introduce the name of an existent folder or create a new one. We will choose one of our registration profiles or make one with the options we want for all the works we will save in that folder. You can synchronize several folders for different registration profiles.

After providing this information, just save and authorize the service on Google Drive.


New “My Registrations” interface

We have added a few improvements in “My Registrations”. More of your works will appear on each page, in order to manage them more efficiently. You can choose between three different ways to list your registrations: thumbnail and information, thumbnail mosaic and a simple list of titles.

Interface preview Safe Creative Interface preview Safe Creative Interface preview Safe Creative

We hope this new interface will help authors with a large number of registered works.

Lastly, you will find some changes have been made to the “Edit Registration” page. This is what it looks like:

Edit Registration - New View


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