Multiple inscriptions screencap

Registration profiles with multiple rights’ inscriptions

Thanks to recent changes registration profiles allow the automatic onclusion of various entries of delegated rights in the works. They can be either economic rights, for both professional and copyright agent accounts, or the rights of clients represented by copyright agents.

Each profile may include as many inscriptions as necessary. Once the inscriptions are made in these profiles, there is no need to edit the registrations again.

Multiple inscriptions screencap


Anytime we create a new profile or midify an existent one, we will see an “Inscription” button. It is possible to add several inscriptions, in addition to the rest of the information of the profile. That is, the title of the profile, the language, or the type of license. Each inscription can contain our own rights or those of our clients.

Here is an example: the case of a corporate blog. We would add an inscription for the exploitation and distribution rights, which belong to the company. Then, another inscription stating that the copyrighter has the authorship of each post they write.


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