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Thanks to a recent agreement with ImageProtect it is now possible to track the on-line presence of photographs and illustrations registered on Safe Creative.


You would be surprised to find out the places where a photo can end up on the Internet. Adding them on articles, news and blog posts is a must if we want to make content more appealing, and sometimes authors won’t bother to check the license or contact the photographer before using them. What’s even worse, some unscrupulous users will even sell photos made by others on online websites, sometimes adding little modifications to make them harder to track.

What you don’t know…


About ImageProtect

ImageProtect homepageImageProtect is a copyright enforcement company that ensures content providers preserve the value of their digital assets. It tracks and locate where the images are being used, even when they have been edited or modified. Once you request them to start tracking an image, they never stop searching. They inform of every new coincidence. If necessary, they will also get in touch with the user, in order to compensate the author for any misuse of their work.

There are some additional services too. For example, reports and analytics of keyword trends. What are they using our photos for? Next to what type of content? How do they title them? These data can be very useful to improve our own marketing techniques.


How can I start using it from Safe Creative?

First of all, select the image you want to track, go to Manage – Enable Image Tracking. You will be asked to log in and activate the system, which will check for matches consistently from that moment on.

The list of coincidences can be checked at Services – Tracking images.

– More detailed information on our FAQs.


We hope this new feature will help you protect your works. You can start using it now from either Professional or Corporate Accounts.

If you have any further doubts, please leave a comment or contact us through our contact page.


*Note that this service is still in the beta phase. If you experience any difficulties while using it, please contact us. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve it for you.

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