New homepage and Copyright Agent Account

We’re starting the new year presenting some very exciting news.

The first one of these is the most evident: after a long time, we have finally renewed our homepage. We hope you like the new modern look, which contains more information about us and how the registry works.

Screencap of our new homepage.


The homepage isn’t the only thing that’s changed. The individual look of each control panel is different now. Depending on your model of account (basic, professional or agent), you’ll see one of these:

Basic account, preview. profesional_en Agent account, preview.

And this is exactly what the rest of our news are about: the changes we’ve made on account models.


The first one deals with copyright inscriptions (which is different from registrations). One example: You are a writer, and you commission some illustrations for your new novel. You aren’t the author of these illustrations, but you do have the right to use them in your work.

From now on, users of professional accounts can make as many copyright inscriptions as they need, without any limit, something that used to be an exclusive feature of corporate accounts.


Lastly, we have improved and specialized the corporate account in order to answer the needs of professionals dedicated to the individualized counseling, registering, managing and protecting of copyright. It’s our new account for copyright agents.

By using it, law offices and agents can offer their clients the services of registration and digital certification of Safe Creative. And they will have access to two new products which are intended to provide solid evidence in cases of copyright infringement.

  • Certification of web contents.
  • Certification of the sending date, content and recipients of emails.

This new account includes an integrated service of document management, that allows to admin and guard not just the registrations and generated evidences, but any other document in relation to your clients, registrations or works.


In our prices’ page you have all the detailed information about each account and the details to purchase them.


If you like the new images featured in our homepage, you can find more at the following links, all of them under free licenses: ;

We’d like to thank the authors of the photographies:

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