E-mail certifications using Mailstamper

Last month we included our mail certification service, Mailstamper, as part of Safe Creative’s user accounts. Mailstamper allows you to generate a certificate that can act as evidence of the exact date, content and recipients of any e-mail. This certificate can then be used to demonstrate to any entity a record of correspondances.


You can access it witihin “Services” by clicking on “E-Mail Certification”. Once you’re there, all you need to do is enable the service. Then, every time you need to certify an e-mail, you just send it as normal but CC as another recipient.


In case you haven’t yet, activate your mailstamper now.

Users of Professional Accounts already have 50 free certifications, which you can update anytime you need.

When to use them? We would advise our users to so, anytime you reach a commercial agreement, or send a copy of your original work to a client. First of all, it’s a very practical deterrent to anyone who might try and steal your work. Secondly, you now have legal evidence.

Users of Agent Accounts can also certificate as many works -and related files-, as needed right from Safe Creative.


Click here for further información.

Please, contact us if you have any questions.


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