Using Safe Creative on Facebook to solve plagiarism cases

fb_icon_325x325Today we can say that almost more important than winning in a trial is not having to end up having one in the first place.

With plagiarism issues such processes are always uncertain and costly, even when there’s already sufficient evidence of authorship to win.

On the other hand large technology companies like Facebook, Amazon or Google have become essential institutions to resolve cases of plagiarism or misuse of works online.

We recently reported a case of success in Amazon, and a few days ago we were informed of another success story this time in Facebook in which the fact of having the work registered was key to solve the problem quickly without having to engage in a legal battle.

yoMatías Del Carmine, manager of two great Facebook communities devoted to design issues – Matías en el Mundo and the popular Aikido de Oficina – relates us his story: The case began because when “another fanpage took a logo of mine without permission. I had it registered using Safe Creative so I sent a request to Facebook to remove the infringing content, and Facebook agreed“, and added:” I sent the complaint through their copyright violation form together with some screenshots of the copyright registration page of my logo in Safe Creative as proof that it was mine”. As the registration is so comfortable, economical and efficient to solve problems like this in the most important social networks, he tells that “from that moment on I began to systematically register all the cartoons and drawings I use to publish on my fanpages


In Safe Creative we firmly believe that providing tools for authors to report the fact of registration and existence of copyrights is fundamental for a better use of the possibilities that Internet also gives us through these tech giants.

If you know more success stories like this, please write us via our Facebook page or our contact form.

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