Why do we believe in giving authors options

If something has happened with the arrival of the Internet is that we are faced with a whole lot of new options and things we can do.
But at the same time we tend to tell people what they should do and when based on our past experiences, leaving little option to the very much needed experimentation.

Also not all the choices do have the same support from a legal or technological perspective.

That is why we are what you could call a “pro choice” of authors regards their works. What does this mean?

From the very beginning we have had the following in mind:

  • To offer a solution for any budget, even the non-existent budget one, all with the same level of evidence generation strength.
  • To be agnostic regards the “licensing” or “protection” mode the author chooses, providing any of those options with the same kind of tools.

About the solution for any budget:

In Safe Creative you will have the best prices of any private and even public registrators, as you can choose for a basic free of charge account, and very afordable payed accounts, like the premium, professional and corporate accounts. Even more, you can even hire our engine to create your own registration service, for any purpose, and for a very low fee. And all registrations made with Safe Creative, no matter the account, receive all the benefits of our technology. All type of accounts can use digital certificates to identify the user, and the evidence is timestamped with the same technology. The difference between accounts? Simple, some features: Some features oriented for specific user profiles. The more professional you get to be, the more and new things you are likely to need.
So basically anybody can use the best registration technology with a fair price.

About the protection mode:

And here is the matter of the article. We don’t prejudize the protection mode an author chooses. In Safe Creative, from the very beginning of the project, authors have been able to ecqually choose “all rights reserved” and or “some rights reserved” philosophy at their will. Why? Because we provide a service for many, and everyone has different needs, issues and sensibilities. We cannot know everything and in a context of changing environment, such as Internet, the ability to change your opinion, therefore protection mode, is key for success. And here is where Safe Creative stands as a system that allows options to be choosen.

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