Your summer pictures matter

Right, we all know that not all the pictures we take during your summer can be considered as art works, but as a matter of fact, and since we take so many pictures during these days, it’s likely to happen that we find ourselves with a couple of great pictures. And those images deserve some kind of protection because they might be outstanding.

Bus and seagull

What to do?

Quite simple: Our suggestion is to register them in Safe Creative using ART.

What is ART?

ART stands for Automatic Registration Tool, and well, the name -ART- is quite cool also.

We simply have install the ART program, we will find in our tools section of our web, in our computer. It runs on GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows systems, and allows to define a folder which contents will be registered. All the new contents we put in that folder, when ART is running, will be automatic registered in Safe Creative under a profile of our selection.

We might have several folders with different assigned profiles, thus different type of works and or protection ways.

So all we do is start ART, authorize it in Safe Creative when it ask for it, copy or drag and drop files to be registered there, and once registered we have the technological evidence we need to be confident enough to send those files to other online publishing services, like social networks.

If we have many pictures we recommend to hire a premium account for only 36 euros a year.

And if anybody has a question, trouble or suggestion, we will be more than happy to try to help through our contact form.

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