Certify the emails you send with MailStamper

Now to certify that an email, together with its content and recipients, has been sent, is as simple as putting stamp@mailstamper.com in copy

  •  Companies, creatives or any other professional can send mock-ups or works for hire preventing the risk of their customers being tempted to claim ownership over them saying the mail sent never existed.
  •  It is also possible to proof that a mail requesting the cancellation of a membership was sent to the email specified in a contrat, or that an assignment was sent before the deadline, etc.

The new mailstamper.com service is very simple to use: to generate an evidence of an email sent, its content and the recipients, we only need to carbon copy the email to stamp@mailstamper.com

Even in the very early testing phase of the project some users reported us success stories where large companies, little given to quickly respond to complaints from users, replied within hours after learning that the dispatched email was being certified” says Mario Pena, community manager “so we soon realized we really had a especially easy to use efficient tool.”

MailStamper remits the email content in a ISO 19005-1:2005 (PDF / A) campliant digitally signed document, including a time stamp from Safe Creative Ltd, thus acting as a trusted third party , so it can be considered as proof of the email having been dispatched togehter with the information of the sender, recipents, content and time it happened

This new service has been launched this week at the direction http://www.mailstamper.com offering five free of charge mailing certifications. Additionally packages are available for 10 or 50 certificates, and an unlimited certification suscription is available for an annual fee.

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  1. Hi Rosie, thanks a lot for sharing it, and thanks for the suggestion. Yes, we have to do that. Our tech team is very busy right now, but hope we’ll do that soon. Cheers!

  2. That’s great thankyou.

    I would love to share this on G+ but you don’t have a share button so I’m having to share the link manually – would you consider adding a G+ share button?

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