News April 2010, RSS feeds, cease and desist letter, request of other uses of works

We want to report some new features we’ve created for you. We are confident you’ll enjoy them like for instance the automatic registration by RSS, or the possibility of sending cease and desist letters. We want also to recall some features already deployed… and an interesting initiative we are collaborating with:

Registration feeds. You can automate the registration of posts of your blogs or photo hosting accounts (eg Zooomr or Flickr), and other kind of content hosting sites by entering the feed in “My Account / Registration Feeds.”

– It is possible to send cease and desist letters to alleged infringers of your intellectual property. The option can be found in the drop-down “More Actions” menu at the right of your works.

Request specific permissions. If you go to edit any of your works you can check the box “Allow users to request other usages and rights” so that other users can request you additional permissions to those expressed by the license. Very interesting for the not copyleft creative commons licenses and the “all rights reserved” works.

– Skip pre-registration button. Now you can avoid the 24 hours pre-registration period for your works and make the full registration directly by clicking on the option that appears next to each of them.

– ART (Automatic Registering Tool). Do you have a folder full of pictures you would like to register? With this program you can register all of them and if you later add new pictures to the folder they’ll also get automatically recorded. Of course you can configure as many folders with different types of content as you want.

Registration of works with several co-rights holders. Have you written a song together with other authors? Have you registered a photo that has not really been taken by you, but that was on your camera? You can fix it with this system. You might add rights holders from the drop-down “More Actions” menu next to each work.

– Documentary: We are collaborating with an interesting documentary initiative about the controversy surrounding the sharing and download of contents in the Internet. It’s called, “Copiad, copiad malditos”, an initiative of ElegantMobFilms of which you can read more at their blog on blogs of RTVE.

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