RSS feed automatic registration, cease and desist letters and request of specific permissions

We have added some new features to Safe Creative we think you might find interesting:

  • Automatic registration through RSS feeds
  • Cease and desist letters
  • Possibility to allow specific uses of works

Automatic registering through feeds

The automatic feed registering is used to automatically register the posts on a blog as they get published. To use it you have to associate the feed with a previously created profile.

To access the functionality you have to go to “My account” / Registration feeds. Once there you can enlist the direction introducing the RSS feed, blog address, selecting the content type, the registration profile, etc.

On your blog, preferably in the bottom of the page or other area to which access may be permanent, you have to publish one of the verification codes Safe Creative creates so that our bot will be able verify that the blog is yours.

You can also register file feeds, image feeds such as Flickr, Zooomr, or podcasts introducing the the specific feed for those contents.

Sending letters by incidences of works (Cease & Desist)

In the case or event of your work being plagiarized or used in an allegedly unlawful manner now you can send Cease and Desist letter directly from Safe Creative. You can select the option from the dropdown menu next to each copyrighted work. The system will generate a letter requesting to stop such activities to the person allegedly infringing your copyrights.

To complete the letter you have to get the email address of the alleged offender. He or she will receive an email from Safe Creative with a link that allows him or her to answer. When the issue gets answered you will receive notification of it by mail. Upon receipt of that response you can decide new actions to take. Before using this utility we highly recommend you to seek the advice of an attorney.

Requests for specific uses in works

If you use “all rights reserved” or some of the creative commons licenses with one or more restriction, you might want to make it simple for third parties to request you uses not covered by default. To enable the system to grant specific permission you need to go into editing your work and check the box under the license that says “Allow users to request other usages and rights.”

When that box is checked a new icon will appear in the registration display page. Through this icon other users can request you the use of your work under conditions not covered by default by just filling a simple form.

From the panel for works tracking, you always can either accept or reject the proposal.

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