Having more rights holders for a work

There’s now available an option to register works with more than one rights holder. Initially it has been created as a basic operation that will be developed based on the feedback we receive. In addition to complement this functionality and to add more information to the copyrighted works now you can also add files to accompany the registrations.

Feature included in Premium and Professional Account.

How does it work in a few steps (.PDF):

– You can add rights holders both in pre-registrered and registered works.


– Go to “My Works” and in the dropdown menu on the right you have the option “Add rights holders”


– A new window will open where you can write the emails of other rights holders separated by a comma in case they are more than one. You can select whether these people (or person) are authors, authors and copyright holders or holders of rights. You can also establish whether they can make changes or entries in the registration form of the work.


– SafeCreative will send an email with a link to that persons and they may either accept the request, so that the work will also appear in their listings, or reject it. Although the email can be other than the one the user might have in SafeCreative, he or she may log in with the normal account and accept or reject the authorship so the work will appear in the right account.



– You can view the status of invitations you’ve sent by clicking on the icon of “rights holders” that will appear next to each work.



– Optionally you can upload files to accompany the work, as a text file explaining the rights holdings, sketches for a work, physical details of a sculpture, etc.. The option appears also in the dropdown menu at the right of each registration.




– This is how we can see the public display of registration information.


– Questions, suggestions can be sent to us through the Contact form.

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