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In just over two years Safe Creative already deals with the recording of works of more than 25,000 creators, a volume that provides useful information and data about the ways people use registration services and licenses depending upon the kind of work or country. To offer this information and share it with all users, we just launched a basic version of a copyright observatory.


Through future releases the amount of information and ways to better configure segmentation information as desired will be expanded.

We can observe some interesting facts like that when talking about “some rights reserved” licenses a minority of registered works allow commercial use, ranging from 10 to 40%. We also note the very large quantities of works allow derivative works, in some cases over 90%.

According to the type of work we find that for drawings, photographs, etc. the percentage of all rights reserved registered works generally exceeds by more than twice those registered with some rights reserved. Regards music, since August 2009 the opposite has happened, probably because the massive records made from and, projects that use Creative Commons licenses.


Regarding the differences between countries we can see that the type of licenses that are chosen widely vary among the users of Spain, France, Canada or Argentina for example.


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