News February 10

Hello everyone,

Many of you might have noticed some changes in Safe Creative. With some delay we want to go through some of them, but first we wish to clarify that professional features are additional and optional to the free of charge basic registration. During testing period to load credits to acquire these features is also free of charge.

You might be interested to learn about a specific case of practical usefulness of early content registration in Safe Creative. A novelist has been able to demonstrate her authorship against a subsequent registration in an official copyright registry thanks in part to Safe Creative. She had been able to previously and comfortably register her novel as soon she finished creating so an early authorship proof.

There are new advanced features that enable users to perform certain actions and they have these characteristics: 1) to acquire the functionality you only need to exchange it for a few credits you can get free of charge during testing period 2) Having these features allow you to perform certain actions for a year; past that time you can no longer perform these additional actions unless you re-contract the service 3) The works are still accessible and remain with the changes made even if you don’t have the advanced features activated in your account.

As many of you have requested, we have included the possibility of self identification with two new digital certificates, Verisign (international) and FNMT (Treasury of Spain)

We have posted the winners of our API Contest. Soon you’ll have new  and easy ways to make your registration at Safe Creative. Stay tuned!

We are very excited to inform that we have just signed a partnership agreement with The, one of the first and best crow-funding movie projects worldwide, which entrusts the registration of his film and many of its contents to Safe Creative. We want to encourage you to go out and become producers of this fantastic project from just 2 euros.

Also we wish to advance that we have signed an agreement of future close cooperation with Trourist is a global social network which tries to reduce the gap between tourists and locals. Travelers from all over the world, collaborate to make the most of the knowledge shared by those who don’t want to come up looking like Joe Tourist in their upcoming trips.

We take this opportunity to remind you that if you use customized licenses you need to extreme caution and make sure that the license is written by someone with expert knowledge of legal issues around copyright law. If you add licenses found on the Internet make certain you can use it and that they are rigorous. Put the link where the text of the license can be found and copy paste the text of the license itself in the box we provide in the form. If you have any doubt look for legal advice.

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