Next events confirmed

Here we will inform you about the next events in which Safe Creative is going to participate and what our contribution will be.

NetAudio2008 Conferences: Saturday 27th of September from 17:45 to 19:45 at the CCCB of Barcelona – Spain. We will discuss the challenges of the digital era and how information and beeing able to inform about authorship rights,  are crucial ways for the self management and efective protection as authors at the moment of choosing a license and divulge works online.

3rd Communica Workshop in Amsterdam– Holland: 20-21st October. Safe Creativen, member of COMMUNIA, will give a brief presentation about our technical approach and suggestios for a good way to register public domain contents (such as free and open licenses) and our ideas about how a registries and search engines should handle information to make contents available for Internet users.

OXCAR Workshops: Barcelona – Spain: Conservas 1st November from 17-22 hour. Safe Creative has been invited by EXGAE to show a workshop about how Safe Creative can add technical solutions por the correct way to register and identify works in the Internet so that contents can be easilly accessible to foster self management and the use of new licenses.

ForumTech 08: Valencia– Spain: Feria of Valencia, 5th of November. Safe Creative will be panelist together with AIE, SGAE and AGEDI to talk about “What happens with author’s rights in the new distribution platforms?”

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