Looking for US intern at SafeCreative.org

SafeCreative.org is looking for an US intern, somebody with a “geek-lawyer” profile, preferably with spanish language knowledge that likes intellectual property issues and writes well enough. The tasks would be to help us with our english blog (https://www.safecreative.org/blog/en), writing articles; about one or two per week . Would work very close to the community and business developer of SafeCreative.

Also he or she would have to maintain and give life to a future english forum helping us also to translate some FAQs and answering questions from users.

The intern would be informed about all the key issues of our registry, our goals, etc. We have some plans for the future aiming to show us as a good tool for amateur, advanced and semi-pro users. The intern should be somebody acting like a bridge, to write, but also to help increase the USA community.

To contact us for further details, please write an email to mpena (at) safecreative.org

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