Safe Creative in Communia Workshops in Amsterdam

Last 20th October Safe Creative assited in Amsterdam to a workshop on public domain by Communia, an organization co-founded by the European Community, being our company member since July 2008. During this workshops we discussed about public domain on various levels; legal, technological, strategical, economic, etc.

Registering Public Domain

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The different projects in the meeting had the chance to know and talk about the different initiatives around public domain and the tools that exist or are under development to determine, mark and locate those contents or the ones that already exist, such as the new CC0 licenses, online registries or public domain calculators and many others.

Mario Pena, community and business developer of Safe Creative, talked about the tools that the company can provide to register this kind of contents and the similar ones, and explained our future plans to foster contents that become public domain to be easily located and authomatically registered. One of the issues that more interest arose was the initiative leaded by that Safe Creative together with Creative Commons to foster a project of online registry standarization. This project, initially called OSCRI (Open Standards for Copyright Registry Interoperability), will start beeing an open group to all kinds of organizations interested in the study and proposal of the best ways to achieve strong, solid, open and sustainable standards.

OSCRI Amsterdam

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This will be an interesting initiative for de development of registries as good ways to add value and confidence to creators in general and to current and futuere business models.

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