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What does the "Personal" subscription include?

The Personal account offers the most comprehensive advanced registration service for authors (own works and/or with co-authors). It provides 15 GB of storage space and can be subscribed to on a monthly, yearly, two-year, or three-year basis.

It includes all the basic services plus:

  • Unlimited registrations with "All rights reserved" © within the contracted storage space.
  • Registration of "sketch" files (ideas, drafts, notes, excerpts, etc.) and generation of the Certificate of the Creative Process of the work.
  • Private registration of works (without public information).
  • Notifications for misuse: "Cease and desist."
  • Automatic download of registration certificates and proof of permanent registration validity.
  • Copyright and copyright consultation service as specified here.
  • Assisted contract generation.
  • Registration of work versions and evaluation versions.
  • Co-author registration.
  • Own user profile page.
  • Associate pseudonym with the registered work.
  • Use of pseudonym in the public profile.
  • Attachment of files to the user profile.
  • Attachment of files to work information.
  • Information tags for collections.
  • Registration code reservation.
  • Automated registration from Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, and via RSS feed.
  • Extended public information page for works as long as the account is active.

Please consult the pricing for more details.

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