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Particularities of copyright registration in Mexico

Practical Validity of Safe Creative's Registrations in Mexico

The effectiveness of a copyright registration lies in its date of creation. To prevent contradictions with prior evidence, it should be registered as soon as possible after the work is completed. Safe Creative allows even evidence from stages prior to the completion of the work to be registered. If the registration is made before the work is known to third parties, and it cannot be refuted by previous evidence, Safe Creative ensures that the registered date and information cannot be altered, thus being solid technological evidence, admissible in any jurisdiction.

Legal Validity of Safe Creative's Registrations in Mexico

Safe Creative's registrations are technological evidence composed of the file that includes the registered work, along with the cryptographic hashes that ensure its integrity and a double time-stamp that determines the moment of registration.

These are legally valid evidence, as recognized by the Federal Code of Civil Procedures (CFPC) in its Article 79, which indicates that the judge can make use of any object or document, whether it belongs to the parties or a third party. Additionally, in its Article 87, it establishes that the court must accept the evidence presented by the parties, as long as they are recognized by the law.

What types of work can be registered?

The types of work that can be protected by copyright range from novels, melodies, paintings, songs, statues, and movies to software, databases, advertisements, cartographic plans, and technical drawings. See more categories of works.

How long do copyrights last in Mexico?

In accordance with the laws of Mexico, as well as the international agreements to which the country adheres, the proprietary right lasts throughout the life of the author, and remains in force for 100 years after their death. This legal framework ensures that works can continue to be protected and that the benefits derived from their exploitation can benefit their heirs. In cases where the work is the result of co-authorship, the period of protection will begin to be counted from the death of the last co-author. This provision ensures that all collaborators in a joint work receive equal protection. Learn more about copyright.


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