Safe Creative in a minute

How to Register a Work in Safe Creative

How to record coauthors

Registering specific and related rights of my works

Registering specific and related rights of any work registered in Safe Creative

How to register third party copyrights

Automatic registration from DropBox

How to automatic register blog text posts and track them in the web

Automatic registration from facebook

How to request a Registration Certificate

How to request a Registration Proof

How to get informative labels

How to put information label in a registered work

Automatic registration from your computer: ART

How to automatic register your flickr photos as you upload them

How to upload a file for evaluation

How to request your salesliquidation

How to register in the U S Copyright Office from Safe Creative

How to create collections of works

Include registration information as metadata

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  1. I’m a musician and I would like to know how to register my music on sale creative. I tried clicking on the link but the article has been removed from Scribd. I also have a friend who is a photographer. How can he register his photos on safe creative? Both of us would like to register our work for free, for the time being at least. Thanks

  2. You can register them by uploading either ther score or mp3 files or similar; something that allow the identification of the works. In your case I’d recommend the professional account, as you might also consider use our wizard to send those songs to the US Copyright Office. But also you can use the premium or even the basic accounts. Here the yearly prices: http://www.safecreative.org/pro

  3. I have some songs my own creation (music and lyrics) that I put in a movie that is already in the market, how can I register those songs and how much will be?

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