How to request a Registration Proof

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  1. Hi Dimitrios, about your first question, yes, you can request certificates from all your previously registered items. Each song gets the same registration procedure in all type of accounts.
    To show the identity of the song we keep both several hashes (a mathematical way to represent a specific content without showing the content itself, but when comparing the file it must be it) but also the copy of the item itself, that helps to identify the content we are talking about. Cheers!

  2. Hi,
    I am registered to safecreative for maybe over a year now.
    If I purchase the next from basic level, can I have registration proof for all my works registered even from back one year or so ? Each song can have a printable registration ?
    Also how can someone prove that the registered work reflects a specific song mp3 ? Do you provide a “sound” proof somehow to someone that would claim my work as his ?
    Thank you

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