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Creators’ winners of 1,000 euros from 2023

What a year! The last few months of 2023 have witnessed the launch of the Creators platform, and it quickly became clear that such exhibited talent deserved rewarding.

Over these last months, we awarded prizes of 100 euros to the outstanding works of each month. At the year’s end, we selected three of these works as the most popular on the 2023 platform, awarding each 1,000 euros.

Here are the works awarded 1,000 euros to their authors:

Winners Creators 2023

2023 winners “Verdes Campos“, painting award by Paz Calleja, “Another Life” music award by Five, and “El Motor Nocturno” literature award by César G. Isella.

Here you can see all the featured works.

Congratulations to the winners!

And if you are a creator and still don’t have your profile at Creators, remember that in 2024 we will also have monthly prizes and the big final prize. Show your best works, whether they are visual, literary, or musical, with a good description and good luck! You could win 100 euros each month and 1,000 at the end of the year.

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