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Stay Calm and Defend Your Work: Discover Our New Guide to Certificates

Facing plagiarism or a copyright infringement can be stressful, but it’s crucial to stay calm. Deep breath and remember you have tools and support available.

What should we keep in mind if our work is plagiarized or used illicitly?

Many things can happen to our works: they can be plagiarized, sold, or distributed without authorization, or used in a way that affects our image and reputation. These situations can cause worry and a feeling of helplessness. However, remember that copyright law and international agreements favor the original creator, and having prior authorship proof, like those provided by Safe Creative, puts you in an advantageous position. We’ve previously explained what to do in case of plagiarism or infringement; if you haven’t yet, we recommend reading it. Today, we’ll summarize and share an important update.

copyright infringement can happen anytime
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In case of a copyright infringement, it’s important to:

  1. Have a specialized lawyer for advice: Depending on the infringement type, consider that a knowledgeable copyright and digital evidence lawyer can be crucial for your claim’s success.
  2. Gather infringement evidence: Collect evidence before contacting the alleged infringer, so you have it in case they decide to remove it once they know you’re taking action.
  3. Seek an amicable solution before going to court: This isn’t about being friendly but trying to reach an agreement before involving the authorities. It’s an essential step showing your willingness to resolve the conflict.
  4. Pursue legal action: If all else fails, the only solution is legal action. The judge will see you’ve tried everything to solve the problem. Let your lawyer advise and represent you. Here, Safe Creative’s certificates will be crucial, so we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help.

Discover the Safe Creative Certificate Guide

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The Importance of Being Informed: To assist creators, Safe Creative has prepared an essential document explaining the certificates we offer, their utility, and how to present them in court. This document is a key guide to protecting your copyright most effectively and securely.

Your Work, Your Rights: Each certificate we provide serves a specific purpose and is key in defending your creative work. With our guide, you’ll better understand how to use these certificates to assert your rights and confidently face plagiarism or infringement situations.

Download Our Guide: We invite you to visit the certificate section of your records on Safe Creative, where you can download this guide for you and your lawyer.

It will not only help you prepare to defend your work but also provide peace of mind, knowing you’re armed with the right information and tools.

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