Songs and music discs: how and what to register

Before showing, moving or publishing your songs or albums, it is highly advisable to register with Safe Creative. This way you will be able to have a declarative proof of authorship or related rights, so that when sending previous versions, you can do it with greater peace of mind, knowing that you have the best proof over time against anyone who might be tempted to claim authorship.

In addition, in Safe Creative, you can generate early proofs of drafts, pre-sketches and you also have the possibility to register many additional elements to the music that are usually overlooked, such as, for example:

  • covers
  • texts
  • lyrics (which can be used in other musical and literary contexts)

What do I need to protect my music?

To register music, you can either provide the file with the score or make an unbundled registration using an audio file (mp3, wav, etc).

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

What if I want to register the entire disc?

Very simple, in this case provide the works in a zip file. It is important to take into account, in this case, that the works included in it belong to the same author or authors. If this is not the case, it is best to generate individual evidences of each work.

How does the unbundled music registration work?

In the case of making a registration of music using a musical recording, we must take into account that these usually have, at least, two copyrights to declare: Those of the author or authors of the composition and the producers of the phonograms, those who make the recording of the song or music that is interpreted in an audio file. In addition, it is often desired to declare the authorship of the lyrics of the song, if any.

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In Safe Creative, when you register a song, you can specify those rights* which can be all from the same person but also from others in part or totally.

How to protect covers, texts, lyrics and others ?

Prepare on your computer the file of the work you want to register (pdf, docx, jpg, png, etc), log in to your Safe creative account, go to “REGISTER”, and choose the category of your work.

For example, “Visual Arts” for the cover art of your song or album.

What if I am not the author, but I have producer or publisher rights?

Very simple, when registering, indicate that you are the “Rights Holder”, mark what your rights are and optionally provide any additional information you wish, such as the scope of exploitation, percentage of start or end date, etc:

You can also read more here: Cómo registrar canciones y discos musicales.

Autor: Mario Pena (translation) of an original work by Nicolás Vecchio (original here).

Featured image: by Lorri Lang from Pixabay.

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