Safe Creative as the registry of reference and future

When we launched Safe Creative almost 14 years ago, we never imagined that within a decade, companies and organizations of all kinds around the world would be striving to emulate similar solutions.

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Today we are rewarded for the perseverance and work we have developed over the years. Our technological model for the generation and registration of legally sound, internationally valid proofs of authorship, with the agility required by the immediacy of the Internet, is recommended and even adopted by the main intellectual property authorities for their own registration services.

How did the story go?

The quantity of works created and the immediacy with which they are shared on the Internet has left the old registries, which work with obsolete regulations in the face of the new media and creative forms, with “heavy” timetables and administrative procedures, and with a local (national) scope of validity, without the capacity to respond.

From the beginning at Safe Creative we understood that technology provided the solution that creators needed in the digital world. There was no shortage of skepticism towards our solutions. But the tenacity of an expert, transparent and committed team was bearing fruit.

We succeeded because we decided to listen to creators by adapting our tools to their real needs. And this direct, constant interaction, which today is the backbone of our company, made us from the beginning a regular speakers in events related to copyright, registration and generation of legal evidence.

Safe Creative has evolved a lot in these almost 14 years. Today it is the most relevant private online registry in the world. We want to explain why our system is the best registry solution. It will also remain so in the future.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What makes Safe Creative the best choice today?

Registration based on technological evidence has international legal validity. Unlike the old registration based on the presumption of veracity that a country’s legislation gives to its registrars, the expert examination of technological proof or evidence is valid in all jurisdictions.

The strength of technological evidence depends on its strength and legal validity. The technological evidence generated by registering the declaration of authorship in Safe Creative is the strongest in an intellectual property registry due to the combination and redundancy of methods it combines:

  • Cryptographic fingerprint redundancy. The registry generates 3 fingerprints with 3 different technologies.
  • The integrity of the generated proof and time stamping are the strongest. Complies with the strictest quality standards: eIDAS of the European Union. We audit everything daily in the blockchain.

Proofs of registrations made in Safe Creative are time-resistant and independent of Safe Creative.

Our goal is to offer the strongest registry for authors using the best technology. And it is also independent of royalty management services or collective remuneration of intellectual property rights. That could be interpreted as a conflict of interest.

In the words of Mario Pena, COO of Safe Creative:

“It is important to focus on the fact of creating a legal and objective proof. We avoid biases and conflicts that can occur in the case that the same company that manages payments, for instance, is the one that has created the proof that tries to demonstrate who are the authors that receive those same payments.”

More advantages.

Between the entire Safe Creative team, we have decades of experience in generating proofs and systems of registration. We have the ability to think outside the box to stay ahead of the curve. The perspective of so many years allows us to be prudent and responsible when adopting new technologies.
We commit to the privacy and rights of creators and we do not expose creators to unnecessary risk just because a technology is new or trendy.

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We simplify, standardize and facilitate the creation of legally valid proofs at all stages of evolution of the works. We do not limit ourselves to generating only the proof of the final work. Some creators publish unfinished works and we make it easy for them to create proofs of their works in early versions and even as drafts.

What are we doing and what are we planning for next year?

Or team will focus on reinforcing and explaining the security and legal strength of our system. We will explain why we offer the most valid registry by redundantly combining three cryptographic stamping technologies for the identification of the work. Signature and stamping tools are certified by the strictest international standard: eIDAS. Our system backs all the evidence of date and content in and audit made over blockchain.

We are developing our international character and by opening in a chapter in Italy. Safe Creative has always been a global project with users in all continents and almost all nations. It is very important to add physical presence in more and more countries. In general copyright legal considerations are similar. However our local experts are ready to tackle the differences.

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We are going to improve and adapt Safe Stamper because it perfectly complements Safe Creative. This Safe Creative project uses the same registration technology to create other technological proofs.

It allows to prove the sending of an email, a rights violation, the signing of a contract or web browsing on social networks. Safe Stamper has been in operation for years and has thousands of users. Thus we want to give it a special boost to explain it to Safe Creative users so that they can take advantage of it.

We will be very busy strengthening and improving our projects. The main beneficiaries will be the users who need the most solid technological evidence available.

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