Safe Creators, new platform for creators

We launched Safe Creators, a new platform for creators for the promotion and visualization of professional creatives.

Safe Creative Creators Platform
Safe Creatives Home

Creative People will close definitively on December 31, 2020. The platform has served to promote the works of our creators for years. During the last few years, we have realized that the platform needed a major upgrade. After analyzing our long-term strategy, we have decided to create something new: contemporary and focused mainly on the creators themselves.

Safe Creators is a modern and comfortable platform. Any user of our professional accounts can have a profile and publish both works already registered in Safe Creative, as well as others to showcase.

It is possible to highlight works in the profile and have it active or not, follow other users and contact using a messaging system. We have also added the possibility of sharing profiles and works in social networks.

We will continue to add new features to better suit the needs of professionals. Remember that this is a beta version. Any suggestions can be sent to us through the Help/FAQ page of Safe Creative.

Visit and show your best work on your profile!

If you have an Amateur account and wish to become a professional, and in addition to other advantages, be able to create your space on this new platform, ask about our current promotions.

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