The Black Friday is here!

And we offer you a direct 30% discount to hire the professional or business account using the code: BLACKSC during your purchase.


The offer, already available, will be valid until the end of this Friday, so hurry up to take advantage of this promotion. It’s the most important we have done in recent years.

Remember that, among other features, with the Professional account you can:

  • Download certificates and registration proofs, including files related to the Blockchain audit.
  • Make unlimited monthly records with all or some rights reserved.
  • 15GB of space for your records.
  • Automatic registration of your public Instagram photos and videos.
  • Private records hidden from search engines.
  • Registration with co-authors.
  • And much more…

The Business account, on the other hand, has important features for companies of all sizes, such as registration on behalf of customers, employees, declaration of rights acquired on third party creations, etc. Read more here.

And if you want to hire a Safe Stamper subscription account, this year we also have a 30% discount code so you can generate the best digital evidence (certified emails, screenshots, photos, videos and geolocated recordings … etc) With the code, yes, we know it’s not very original:, BLACKST (ST stands for Stamper).

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