Itemized registration of music authorship and new RSS feeds

We keep implementing new features and improvements to Safe Creative. Now we want to tell you about two of them as we have good news for compositors, lyrics writers and producers… We have improved and simplified the music registration. Now you will be able to register, in a simple and guided way, the music, lyric and recording in a single process That will allow to specify authorship and co-authorship for each. You can read more in our FAQs.

We’ve also improved the automatic registration of blog and web published content through RSS “feeds”. Now the process to register and configure new ones will be easier reducing the doubts this could pose.

It’s no longer necessary to verify with codes included in the blog, nor will be needed to change the feeds to show the whole publication. The new system will capture the the complete post in a PDF format. On the other hand this automatic registration feature will no longer be available for Amateur accounts as it will exceed the characteristics of those accounts.

In premium accounts the active RSS feeds will automatically migrate to this new system. It’d be a good idea, however, to check everything is working as intended. Take into account that if when visiting your blog pop ups should appear, those might hide part of the content to be registered. Please consider deactivating or minimizing them.

Registered post in pdf
Registered post in resulting pdf

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  1. Thanks for this great improvement, it is good news to be able to separately register the authorship of the music, lyrics, and recording. The progress of the platform is being noticed. Many thanks for all you are doing!

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