How to customize your new Safe Stamper subscription account

Safe Stamper is releasing a new model of accounts more flexible, easier to customize and adapt to your needs.  

Setting up your custom Safe Stamper account from €80.

With the new accounts, starting at €80 per year, you can have an account from which to certify online content which includes: 

That would be the most basic setup. You can increase and modify your preferences at any moment. Among other things, you’ll be able to: 

  • Send certified emails from as many sender addresses as you need.
  • Contract TSA services (2.500 stampings per day for €45).
  • Share your account with other people who may need it, using the new invitation codes.  

In order to know the exact price of your perfect account, try our new account configurator.

Set up my account.

You can add and remove services to test and calculate, at a glance, which options suit your budget best. 

What will happen to professional and corporate accounts?

If you already had a premium Safe Stamper account, you don’t need to do anything. You can keep your account as it is, or update to the new model whenever you’re ready.

Your professional or corporate account will remain active for as long as you renew it. 

What about prepaid accounts?

Subscription accounts are better suited for people who need to certify on a regular basis. If you are only using Safe Stamper every once in a while, the prepaid account will still be available for you.

Creating and keeping a prepaid account open has no cost, and you only pay for each certification package as you need them, individually.

More information. 

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