Collaboration with the ARDITO Project: Updating the Internet

Brussels, June 19th, 2018.

We’re happy to announce a new partnership, which has been made official during the ARDITO project final conference:  “ARDITO: Updating the Internet”.


Summary: Safe Creative will offer copyright information to ARDITO, in order to create permanent ids to this data and improve its accessibility and diffusion.


What is ARDITO?


ARDITO is a project started by mEDRA in 2017 that seeks market-driven solutions for creators and small and medium-sized businesses in the creative content sector. They propose implementing components of a Rights Data Network (RDN) through optimising content identification technologies and integrating them into the Copyright Hub ecosystem.

The ARDI service is the core service of the project. It provides persistent and web resolvable identification of rights and rights declarations on creative content.

In short, and in the context of this collaboration, ARDITO receives rights data and they create a persistent web id. A link that will always exist and where people can check this information.

These links, with permanent information about registrations and declarations, can be easily integrated into other existing services, generating new business lines. The first application, in collaboration with the Italian ISBN Agency, allows publishers and authors to file rights declarations right from the ISBN platform.


An important note about privacy:


Of course, if someone decides to withdraw their information from the service, even if the Digital Object Identifier (DOI ) will still exist, the data will be deleted. Even if it’s a permanent id, that doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. In such cases, interested parties will land on a page where they’ll see that the information is no longer available.


The collaboration: Safe Creative and ARDITO.


I’m happy to announce today the birth of a new partnership for a great application of the ARDI service.

mEDRA and Safe Creative Copyright Registry have in fact teamed up to provide persistent identification to copyright registration records registered and certificated by Safe Creative.

We believe the reliability and qualified experience of Safe Creative combined with persistence and ubiquity of access of the ARDI service will upgrade copyright registry services in the digital age to the next level.

(Paola Mazzucchi, AIE – mEDRA)

Do you know how difficult it can be, to locate all the rightsholders of a work? To license a song to use it on a promotional video? To get the rights to translate a literary work? This, among other things, is what we wish to help solving through collaborations like this one.

The aim is to make the sharing and finding reliable rights information about creative works online easier and easier.  For this partnership, Safe Creative will provide information about works, licenses and rightsholders. As a trustworthy copyright registry with experience, a growing community, and the trust of creators and platforms from all around the globe.

The creation of permanent identifiers linking to the copyright information at Safe Creative through ARDITO will provide even more guarantees to both creators and consumers. Besides, given that these links will be in the Copyright Hub, the scope of the information will increase.

All in all, this will be a partnership focusing on the diffusion and protection of your works and rights.

“For over a decade, we’ve been offering the most efficient, scalable, and comprehensive service to generate legal evidence, for creators all over the world. Now that there’s a new surge of interoperability and metadata needs, a coordinated collaboration between trustworthy partners is key. It’ll expand the reach of our valuable information, in benefit of both creators and consumers.
The ARDITO initiative and their efforts are perfectly suited to innovate in this field.”
(Mario Pena, Product Manager of Safe Creative)

For now, Safe Creative will offer information about literary works with an ISBN code, but our intention is to branch out and include more types of works in time. We’ll keep you informed!


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