Safe Creative keeps growing, with more writers and professional creators

Did you know that 40% of the works registered in Safe Creative are literary works? And it’s not surprising. In this category, you can find writings that range from fiction narrative to essays, poetry,  blog articles, guides, technical documentation…

If you wonder how other people are using Safe Creative, here are some recent statistics, as in May 2018:

Why more copyright records is a good thing

About a month ago we were celebrating the Intellectual Property Day, and it makes us very glad to see that Safe Creative’s community keeps growing and protecting their work. Almost 40,000 new records every month!

In today’s information society, it’s essential to be aware of the value of your own creativity and your rights as an author. Most people don’t really think about the person behind a certain content when they find it online, and what they know about Intellectual Property is usually inaccurate, or misinformed.

As we discussed in Navarra during the Intellectual Property Day, the shifting moment comes for many when they decide they want to protect their own work. If you understand the value of what you create and your own rights, you start to value other people’s creativity too. That’s why it’s so rewarding to see how people keep joining and choosing to use registration services.

No matter if you’re a writer, a musician, a painter, or a video game designer, we want to help you protect and share safely what you create. So that it’s valued and others can find information about your rights and your work’s licenses easily.


The number of professional creators using Safe Creative is growing, and we want to keep improving with you, offering useful solutions to your everyday activity. The Intellectual Property scenario keeps evolving and changing, and we are going to continue moving forward, finding new ways to adapt to it.

If you have any question or suggestion about what you’d like to be able to do through Safe Create, don’t hesitate: contact us.


Recent improvements and news


These are some of the latest improvements we’ve introduced and projects with which we’ve collaborated:

  • Free certified emails. Using any email account, no sign up required. Now, Safe Stamper’s email certification service is open for everyone to use once a day. Simply add a CC or BCC to and you’ll get the certificate.
  • We’ve reinforced our collaboration with Image Protect, an awesome project that helps photographers handle unauthorized uses of their photos online.
  • Our Time Stamping Authority (TSA) is moving to be centralized from Safe Stamper. We’ve notified the necessary adjustments to the TSA’s users via email, but contact us if you need further information.


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  1. El hecho en sí, no estriba en usar Safe Creative, cada día se ve más intrusos en las páginas web, aún cuando se coloque toda la información de identidad que da Safe Creative, el plagio y robo es horroroso, igual el exceso de parte de las redes sociales, la intervención de estas páginas donde más tarde se consigue el que se registró para trabajar en el espacio que desapareció, fue vendida, sustrajeron todo el contenido pasa otro uso ajeno a las del autor, las condiciones y términos del contrato que acepta el usuario final no se cumple y Safe Creative al final no puede hacer nada cuando el autor es despojado del sitio, tal como me sucedió en Libro de arena después de editar el Poemario Lírica y filosofía, el día sábado 02 de marzo a las 2:20 am, un joven funcionario sea de la policía metropolitana o guardia nacional, reía cuando pasaba cerca de mi casa, se había robado cinco sitios en Internet y no fue castigado por éste delito, destruir propiedad ajena a la los blog cuestan construirles, se requiere de material, nadie da razón, yo digo al joven funcionario que se llevó 01 Poemarios pero le faltan 102 Poemarios ya que tengo en mi poder toda la colección.

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