How to solve problems while travelling, using Safe Stamper

Every time you travel, you expose yourself to unforeseen events. We all have been in a situation where a day of vacation gets spoiled because things don’t turn out the way we planned.
We believe that knowing Safe Stamper’s tools and how to use them can save you some headaches. Learn how to anticipate and solve problems with these tips.

Certify the trip’s terms and conditions.

Before leaving, take screenshots of the terms and conditions of the trip you purchased. What are the destinations? And the scheduled activities? What kind of hotels are included? By certifying the conditions, you have a piece of evidence to prove what you paid for, in case it happens to be different from what was promised.
In order to get a certificate with the conditions of your trip, log into Safe Stamer and click on the “Certify” button. If the information is on a visible, public web page, you can certify it by simply copying and pasting the URL and using the Static Page tool. After you paste it, just click on the “Certify”  button over “Static Page”.
If the page with the conditions of your trip is not public, you can always use a certified browsing session to take the screenshots. The “Screenshots of Browsing Session” serve that purpose, to capture still images of your screen as you browse. The option “Video of Browsing Session” also includes the full video of your session with audio. But for this particular use, a few static screenshots should be enough.
In case they send you a document with the conditions, such as a PDF file, you can certify it at Certify > “Files”. This will issue a piece of evidence to prove that the document you submitted existed on that specific date.

Certify relevant emails.

Certifying emails can also help you avoid scams, and you’ll be able to report if you have any problems with customer service. When you start exchanging emails with your travel agency, hotel, or airline, don’t forget to certify them.
In order to certify emails, you’ll have to add Safe Stamper’s email address in the CC or BCC field of the email: If you’re doing this from a prepaid Safe Stamper account, remember to check you have enough certification credits in advance, or the email won’t be certified.
The email certificate incudes information about the specific time when the email was sent, the content of the message, if there were any files attached, and the recipient’s email addresses. If you certify the sending of several emails, or you do it when you have already exchanged several messages which remain as previous messages in the same email, you can have evidence of a full conversation.

Capture photos or videos as evidence of delays.

Certifica los retrasos del viaje con Safe Stamper Camera.
Certify delays with Safe Stamper Camera.
Our mobile app “Safe Stamper Camera” (available on Google Play and at the App Store) allows you to capture geolocated photos and videos. Apart from the geolocation, the app also timestamps everything you capture. This way, the certificates can help you prove where you took the photo, and when.
If you face any delays or detours during your journey, a certificate like this can come in handy.
Whatever is in the photo doesn’t really matter, actually. What’s important is the time and your location, because that information will be on the certificate. If you had to be in Paris at 13:00 and you’re taking a photo from Barcelona at 12:30, what happened is pretty clear.

Take a photo or video of things breaking conditions.

You already have a certificate with the terms and conditions of your trip, and it turns out that something is not what you paid for. Depending on what it is, you will have many ways to prove it, and one of them can be to take out your cellphone and shoot a photo using Safe Stamper Camera.
The hygienic conditions or the food at the hotel are below minimums? There’s no wheelchair access where there was supposed to be? A geolocated photo or video can serve you. Gather evidence to prove what you’re claiming and inform your travel agency.
Photo credit: jdlasica via Visual Hunt /  CC BY


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