Discover if someone is using your photos with ImageProtect for free

June 8th 2020 services have stopped working indefinitely.

If you register photos at Safe Creative, you’re in luck- no matter if you’re using a Professional or a Basic Account.

ImageProtect, our online image tracking partner, is introducing a fantastic redesign, along with some interesting news. We’ve also reached a new agreement thanks to which all Safe Creative users can try their service for free.

A new interface for faster management

Recent case activity Dashboard at Image Protect

We love the new look of ImageProtect’s main dashboard. The design is even easier to check, and it’s full of useful information. Once you log in, you’ll see a list featuring the recent activity in all your open cases. You can manage your claims directly from there.

It also includes several graphs to help you understand, at a glance, where they are using your photos, which are the most popular ones, and how your cases are going.

Listing all found images online to send copyright claims | ImageProtect

There is also a more detailed case list, where you can see all the basic information of each located photo. The process to start a new case after finding an image somewhere online has been simplified, and so have the number of steps you need to take to start legal actions from Safe Creative.

A single case overview at ImageProtect | Drop-down menu | Information about a photo found online being misused

This is the new look of the page of a particular case. The drop-down menu includes all the actions you need to manage claims. On the lower area of the same page, it shows all the relevant information about the case, mostly the economic information.

Try ImageProtect for no additional costs

You can start tracking your own photos using ImageProtect right now, even if you are using Safe Creative from a Basic Account. You will be able to see up to 10 results, enough to understand if your photos are being used without your permission.

Screencapture: Image tracking service at Safe Creative

Starting legal actions and requesting compensations, though, remain services for Professional Account users. These free 10 results are there to serve you as a guide, to know if others are misusing your photos so that the service can be useful to you. Or if you don’t need it.

Find out if your photos are being shared, copied or used without your consent or without respecting the licensing terms by entering “Services” > “Image tracking”.

That’s not all: Although ImageProtect accounts cost €180 by themselves, by having a Safe Creative Professional Account, you’ll also get the ImageProtect one without any additional charges.


We hope you find this useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts. 🙂 Stay Safe!

Cover Photo by Max Newhall, via Unsplash.

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