10th Anniversary Contest: Win a 2-year Professional Account

In just a couple of months, we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary at Safe Creative.

It’s been ten years of helping authors to protect their work online, and we’re looking forward to the next ten coming! We’re thrilled we’ve made it this far, and we want to share this special occasion with you.

What the contest is about:

We’re currently working on a video sharing how we’ve lived these 10 years, but there’s something missing… Your side of the story. That’s why we want to ask you to send us a 30-second video, in which you tell us your own experience with Safe Creative. For examle, you can share:

  • How registering your works on Safe Creative helps you.
  • How you found us.
  • When you use the service.
  • A specific occasion when you used a SC certificate to protect your copyrights.
  • Why you would recommend SC to a friend or colleague.
  • Or any other anecdote that you’d like to tell us and the rest of creators! ?

What you’ll win:

The best videos will be featured on the official anniversary video, and the user sharing their story in it will win two years of Professional membership.


Rule number one: You must be a registered Safe Creative user (that’s easy, right?).

In order to send us the video, register it at Safe Creative and send us the link to the registration page. We will download it to watch it from there. If you do not want to allow downloads, send us the link anyway and the video, or a link to another site where we can download it.

  • The e-mail address is press@safecreative.org.

There are no format or video quality restrictions. If all you have is a web cam, or your cellphone, that’s enough, you can be part of the contest and even win. Good quality helps, of course, but what we really want is to listen to your story with us. As about the length of the video, try to keep it short and sweet, no more than 30 seconds.

When sending us the video for the contest, if you win, you’ll grant Safe Creative non-exclusive distribution rights on your video, so we can use it on the anniversary materials.

Extended deadline: You have up to August the 31st to participate.

We’re looking forward to watching your videos. Best of lucks!

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