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How to Certify a Browsing Session on Video, and Why

Exciting news! We have recently launched Safe Stamper Browser, our newest certification service.

It serves to record and certify everything you see and listen to during a browsing session on the Internet.

How does it work?

We have made it as simple as possible. It doesn’t even require to install any software on your computer. All you have to do is 1) Log in at, 2) enter Browser and 3) Launch Browsing Session.

Safe Stamper srcset= Browser | Record and Certify Browsing Sessions on Video” width=”700″ height=”350″>

After a few seconds, a remote browser will be launched on your own browser. This remote browser is working from Safe Creative’s servers, and it guarantees that the session has not been manipulated in any way.

Everything that happens on that new browser will be recorded, including images, videos, songs… Sounds will be recorded too. During the session, you can click on the camera icon at the top in order to capture screenshots, which will appear on the certificate.

This allows you to create evidence from pages SafeStamper Web cannot access, such as pages with restricted content, only visible to logged in users.

When should I use it? Here are some examples:

  • When you need to prove another user is posting offensive content on a social network.
  • To access a site where someone else is using your work without consent.
  • To prove that said work is your song or video; the full content will be available to see and listen to at your SSBrowser’s record.
  • When proving that you sent a certain message or notification using the contact page of an on-line service.

What are the certificates like?

See an example of a certificate.

Certificates include screen captures taken during the session, as well as all visited URLs and the video file, which will be attached to the PDF.

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