Add rightsholders to a work, easier than ever

Thanks to the new invitation system, you can send an e-mail request to the rightsholder, asking them to register their rights. This new feature, which has been demanded by corporate account users, aims at speeding up this registration process.

How to invite someone to register rights

Let us imagine the case of a film producer, who is ceding certain distribution rights for a movie to a TV channel. For them to register these rights, the producer would have to enter the work’s registration file. Then, scroll down to “Authorship and Rights’ Inscriptions”. They would select “Invite to register rights” as in the following screenshot:

Register Rightsholders

A simple form with three fields will appear. The invitation will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the rightsholders, which must be written separated by commas. The type of right inscription can be one of authorship; or some other type of rights specified by us or by the rightsholder themselves later on.

In “Additional Information”, the percentage field specifies if several holders share certain rights. For example, a co-authored work where one of the partners contributed 80% and the other 20%.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback to keep improving the service. Thank you, and don’t hesitate to contact us through our support page.

Further information about the Corporate Account’s features.

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