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Would you like to know if the recipient opened your email?

Now Mail Stamper allows to track an e-mail to see if it has been received and opened. Not only it certificates the date you sent it, the content of the email, who are the sender and recipient(s), but also that the email has been opened ant thus successfully delivered.

This new functionality has been included in response to your suggestions, so it’s thanks to you that the service keeps improving once again. We hope you find it useful and easy to use!

For those who may not know it, Safe Stamper is a certification service developed by the same team behind Safe Creative. It includes three different services, all available from a single user account: certification of website content, emails, and time-stamping server (TSA).

How to start tracking emailsE-mail tracking button

Tracking lets you know when the recipient has opened the email.

Activating it is simple. You decide which emails are to be tracked, and the most convenient way to do it. There are three different options: a visible image, an invisible one, or your own custom stamp*. To access these images, log in and click on the “Tracking” button. There, all you have to do is click on “COPY” for the option you prefer, and paste that image on your email.**

Mail Stamper does not modify the content of the mail at all, guaranteeing the legal validity of the certificate.

Images for tracking e-mail service
The tracking information is obtained through these options.

Thank you very much for your interest. For any further questions about the service, please send us an email via Safe Stamper’s contact page, or leave a comment below this post.


* When receiving an email, email clients usually display the images within them, even those which are actually transparent. This is the moment when we can track when the image is being retrieved from our servers.

** More information on the correct usage of images and the tracking service.

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