2 Replies to “Safe Creative enables the incorporation of copyright information in the file that contains the registered work”

  1. That’s right. And if you use those metadata the original file uploaded is not touched, so they stay in Safe Creative, in the original final. But you can add metadata in a copy of the work adding a very interesting information bit, the very link of the registration information page which is unique for each work.

  2. Some of the higher end digital SLR cameras allow you to add a Creator or Copyright Notice to the Exif metadata that is written to each image file just before it is saved from your camera to your memory card. Many Canon and Nikon models offer this in a number of their midrange or higher end digital cameras. On Nikon cameras you can enter an “Image Comment” using the controls on the back of the camera in the menu . On many Canon models, this is done using software provided by Canon, and then loading this info into your camera via a memory card.

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