New home, USA jurisdiction and WIPO event participation

Safe Creative releases a new homepage.

We’ve simplified the home page with a new design that leads you directly to the basic information about Safe Creative. It is a clearer home with less distractions that provides an easier way to access important information.

Faster and easier than ever! You can already see it on

We also want to remind you that we have added the USA jurisdiction to our legal services.

This new service will allow Safe Creative users to ask their doubts to legal experts and consult our website’s knowledge database to find information about the jurisdiction of copyright in the United States. This service can be added from any professional or corporate account, or contracted at the same time with these accounts.

Another important news, which demonstrates the seriousness and commitment of Safe Creative to helping all creators to generate strong evidence of authorship, is that Safe Creative is attending, invited by WIPO, to the Conference on Copyright Documentation and Infrastructure.

The World Intellectual Property Organization is organizing this conference to raise awareness among Member States of the importance of documentation systems and management of copyright in the digital age, as well as to highlight some of the leading private registers nowadays. The event will take place in Geneva during the 13th and 14th October. Borja Adsuara, of counsel of Safe Creative, will attend on behalf of the register.

4 Replies to “New home, USA jurisdiction and WIPO event participation”

  1. Keep please in mind that Safe Creative itself is not a license, but a registry that allow users to yes, license, but mainly to create authorship evidence with licenses attached to it. 🙂

  2. Salve,
    mi fa piacere sapere che noi artisti che abbiamo scelto una licenza di ” Safe Creative ” siamo così tutelati nel diritto d’autore .

    Annita Frisina ( presente con 5 album su Jamendo e Beatpik )
    Distinti saluti

  3. Art enriches the world, can not be ignored by any society.

    We have to value it and give it their rights and respecting the values ​​that are part of the world.


    Jorge Luiz de Moraes

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