Safe Creative will talk about private registries at WIPO conference

Safe Creative has been invited by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to the Conference on Copyright Documentation and Infrastructure in Geneva October 13th and 14th to talk about private registries, our vision of interoperability and the challenges of the starting digital era. Safe Creative has collaborated in the survey of Private Copyright Documentation Systems and Practices during the past months. Borja Adsuara, of counsel of Safe Creative, will represent the leader online private registry in the meeting.

As you can read in the official announcement: The Conference on Copyright Documentation and Infrastructure is being organized in the framework of the Development Agenda Thematic Project on Intellectual Property (IP) and the Public Domain. The two day event will bring together representatives of governments, national and international public institutions, academics and other stakeholders involved in the copyright industries to address the increasing importance of copyright documentation and infrastructure. The goal of the conference is to raise the awareness of Member States on the linkage between copyright infrastructure and development and to highlight the complexities underlining a vast variety of key issues, including public registration and legal deposit systems, private documentation systems, online licensing tools and practices and the interrelation between copyright infrastructure and access to knowledge.

Survey of Private Copyright Documentation Systems and Practices.

Private copyright documentation, such as rights management information (RMI) and identifiers, may play a crucial role in building a digital environment in which information related to creative material is easily accessible to users. Uncertainty over the status of works and the broad diversity of rights [accessible] within different territories may constitute additional barriers to the proper licensing of content. In this scenario, identifiers can provide an essential support to the copyright infrastructure. For instance, collective management organizations (CMOs) need to build and maintain databases that contain information related to their associates and the repertoire they represent. In addition, it is also necessary to connect national databases to international projects that allow a greater level of interoperability and data exchange among different CMOs. Finally, the panel will provide an analysis of some of the increasingly important private registries, pointing in particular to their specifications with regard to structure and legal effects.

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