Register your works in the U.S. Copyright Office from Safe Creative

Now you can register your works in the U.S. Copyright Office, easily from your Safe Creative account.
All copyright registrations are filed on your behalf, in your name and are issued directly to you.
With Safe Creative you can manage all information, security and self-management of copyright of your works from a single service.


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U.S. citizens are required to register before filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement. If a work is registered either before the infringement takes place or within 3 months of publication then, in the U.S., the copyright holder is eligible for both statutory damages, which can reach $150,000 per infringement, and attorney’s fees. Even though non-citizens can sue for for copyright infringement in the U.S. without a registration being filed, they are only able to claim actual damages, which is the greater of what the copyright holder lost or the infringer gained from the use of the work. In many cases that amount is effectively zero. So if you might ever have cause to sue in the U.S. you should register your work in a timely manner so that you have all of your rights at your disposal.

Safe Creative charges a modest service fee plus the cost of the copyright office filing fee. Check prices and conditions here.




7 Replies to “Register your works in the U.S. Copyright Office from Safe Creative”

  1. Hola Richard, para registrar tus obras tienes que abrir cuenta en Safe Creative y subir los ficheros que contengan las obras para que queden en depósito. Al subir tendrás que decir qué tipo de obra es y alguno datos básicos. Saludos.

  2. me gustaria tener mis derechos reservados de mi obra, que he publicado en la pagina web “poemas del alma” yo aparesco como rivervalpo, me gustaria que me confirmaran

  3. @ I Johann, I’m afraid you need to contact directly. We cannot answer questions on their behalf 🙂

    @Monicka That would be great. You can log into your account, go to “My works” view and from the dropdown menus for several files, or the one by the work, you might start the process. It’s quite simple, but if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us through our “contact” form

  4. bonjour cher jamendo
    ayant pris en compte le contenu de votre annonce safe creative
    j’attejte sur l’honneur que des albums m’appartiennent mais que certains morceaux sont des reprises d’artistes arrangé avec mon travail d’instrumejnts.
    je vous demande de bien vouloir m’indiquer par une lettre personnelle a mon adresse email ou vous vous voulez en venir au sujet de mes creations ainsi que mon travail musical
    en outre vous voudrez bien me dire ce que j’ai reellement a y gagner en royalties.
    merci de votre comprehension

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