The importance of the identification level

A user’s identification level shows the information wich has been included in his profile.
To confirm their identity as creator or copyrights owner of the registered works.

There are four identification levels, and from one week ago to confirm a user’s identity who has lost his mail account, we have included address and phone number fields as necessary to reach level 2.

The levels are:
Level 1: Validity and user access to the provided e-mail account has been confirmed.
Level 2: The user as well as his e-mail account, has provided contact information such as address and phone number.
Level 3: The user logs in Safe Creative using a digital certificate issued by a company (at this moment Verisign).
Level 4: The user logs in Safe Creative using a digital certificate issued by a Public Administration (at this moment: Spanish electronic identity card and FNMT digital certificate)

Providing the highest identification level is important not only to make a rigorous authorship proof, but also to be able to provide you access to your account in case you lose your e-mail account.

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  1. The level relates to the hability to identify you as the copyright claimant en therefore the higher the better, but it usually doesn’t get challenge so it would be enough at least to allow the judge to decide taking the registration in Safe Creative in consideration.

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