Open Your Works to Others to License Them

Can you imagine your picture being used in a great magazine about travels? What about your music being used in the next Hollywood’s blockbuster? And your 3D character playing the major role in the next mythic video game that will transform the way we understand games from then on?

barcode-buylicense-300For many this used to only be dreams, or at best only possible if being part of a big company. But sometimes being bound to a company meant losing much control on copyrights together with that a lot of potential income middlemen would keep.

Now things have changed. With the arrival of the Internet and all kinds of digital tools you are, or can be, part those great creators who can try different ways to make their work popular and profitable.

But how can you safely license your works when requested? Do you have to hire very expensive lawyers? Do you have to study copyright law to create your own licenses? May you trust licensing agreements found in the web?

You can avoid many those troubles by using the new licensing and direct selling platform Safe Creative provides. And it is suitable for ebooks, pictures, music, videos and any other content you have registered.

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All you have to do is to enable from your “My works” view in Safe Creative the “selling and licensing” feature for the work(s) you want, or do so if somebody contacts you to license one. Then you can either use the selling/licensing specific labels to embed in any of your web pages you show your works at, or provide the selling/licensing link to your work directly at your registration information page.



From then on you will be able to negotiate the best licensing agreement with the warranty of it being legally consistent and being paid for it.

And of course the system can also be used through our API too.

Are you ready to open your chances to soon walk the red carpet?

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