A New Phase for Safe Creative

Safe Creative enters an exciting new phase of consolidation and registration of intellectual property leader worldwide.

As we were discussing a few months ago we have now launched the possibility to pay for professional services. Thanks to the feedback received during the two last years we will now offer new possibilities to set up accounts so as to better meet the specific needs of each user.

To achieve this we have launched the professional services for those who need to add advanced features to the free basic registration. Professional services are:

Premium Service
Legal Service
Storage Module

Basic registration now does have a limit of 2GB of space where you can store works and attachments. All the features are:

1 – Public registration of works
2 – Up to 2Gb of web space for registrations
3 – 50 monthly work registrations
4 – Certificates of Registration for each work
5 – Registration declarations of the registered works
6 – Registration informative labels
7 – Batch registries edition
8 – Public User profile page
9 – Copyright, copyleft and custom licensing
10 – RSS automatic registration
11 – Customizable thumbnails
12 – Selling platform for works
13 – Works licensing platform

14 – 2 tracking alerts per text registerd work (via the service offered by Attributor)

The premium service can be hired for a year and costs 24 euros, which means only 2 euros a month, and includes the following features:

1 – Up to 5GB of web storage space
2 – Unlimited works registrations
3 – Co-authorship registrations
4 – Private registration of works
5 – Works versions management
6 – Attach files to work
7 – Attach files to user profile
8 – Apply a pseudonym to to the public profile
9 – Apply temporary licenses to registered works
10 – Self managing of alleged copyright infractions sending “Cease and desist” letters

The legal service allows you to:

1 – Self managing of alleged copyright infractions sending “Cease and desist” letters
2 – Legal consultations
3 – Writing of up to two custom licenses
4 – Access to a database of legal reports and legal support

We encourage you to explore all this changes because we believe that with the new tools, modules, direct content licensing and selling platform, you will have a better experience in the management of your works in the Internet.

Safe Creative’s Team

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