Thounds will start using Safe Creative to help new talents protect their works

Things are accelerating lately. We have so many news to tell… And here goes a good one. Thounds, one of the most promising projects we have heard of latelly, will start using our registration services very soon. After some weeks of negotiation we just signed a collaboration agreement.

Here the press release:

Thounds Inc. has just signed an agreement with Safe Creative, the most important online copyright registry. According to this partnership, all the recordings made with Thounds will be automatically timestamped being that an official proof in case of chronological debates.

Recordings on Thounds are under Creative Common License, unless otherwise stated. The default license is “Attribution Non- Commercial Share Alike” also known as “cc by-nc-sa”. The user can modify the license at any time and he is aware that commercial use of a musical piece requires the consent of all users involved in the complete composition.

This feature will represent a further fortification into building up a copyright infringement shield, according to the guidelines on section 92B of the Copyright Act.

Thounds is a new collaborative music platform that users can share inspirations with, and it’s growing fast with the typical social network features, yet many have put it like a Twitter for music or a Facebook without a keyboard but only a mic. Thounds is for musicians as well as for just music lovers.

Safe Creative is the first independent on-line world wide copyright registry, free to use, open to all and globally accessible.  The service allows creators and rightholders to register their works and obtain a valid proof suitable to be used on trial, by means of a  certificate of registry digitally signed.

UPDATE June 14th 2011: Thounds has ceased to integrate our registration tools as we both agreed we need a different kind of integration. So until we find out the best way to do so, the collaboration has stopped.

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