ROVE editorial starts using our registration services

We are proud to announce that Editorial ROVE is starting to use our registration services to protect author’s copyrights.

We specially like their philosophy about inclusivity rather than exclusivity and the conviction they have on the idea that informing about “copyrights” is the best way to protect contents in the digital economy that’s coming. Somehow it just seems like a very natural collaboration.

We will be working on a small scale system to bring copyrights registries to the ebook ecosystem. We are sure this will be great for writers around the world.

But what is ROVE editorial? adds one adventure into the world via the Internet: the free publication of ideas, thoughts, reflections … of eBooks with the firm conviction that it can bridge between the hundreds of thousands of writers and millions people who enjoy the reading and literary arts in the broadest sense.

Dreams, fantasies, research, music, occupations, education, culture, drawing, arts in general are expressions that accompany humanity for thousands of years, carving their knowledge in different ways: first, on the cave walls, then etching papyri and, more recently, on paper up to our present where computer technology mix for new access to communication and culture; at this point, Editorial ROVE enters a channel to allow humanity to continue it’s expression.

After the consuming process to write a play, when we decided that “the work” is ready to be shown to the world, many authors are faced with an arduous road and obstacles that cloud the ability to publish. ROVE Editorial proposes a much shorter way: publish online for free while preserving the rights of the work.

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