Digital Content Distribution Conclusions

Past week we have been at the Digital Content Distribution Seminar by Erich Pommer Institute in collaboration with Tabakalera and Media in San Sebastian, Spain.


This has been a chance to explain the role free online copyright registries like Safe Creative can play in today’s digital challenge. During the event we have been in close contact with movie and TV related professionals sharing experiences and views. After the seminar finished we also joined the first Digital Audiovisual Forum also in San Sebastian as a preamble to the International Film Festival of San Sebastian.

During this summits we talked about legal frameworks, new business models, different visions about customer and citizen behaviours and the new situation regards social networks and participatory culture.

It is real hard to summarize all the contents and ideas we shared, but we keep some interesting impressions and feelings we want to share in form of our particular conclusions.

Let us share this general conclusions:

– People using new techs and downloading through not controlled channels without paying money are here to stay. Generally talking there are two ways to face this fact; one being there’s nothing we can or should do, and the other is that there’s a need to fight by all means against it. However definition about what is piracy is still unclear and this affects those of us who fight real piracy, plagiarism and people selling other’s stuff without permission. Maybe we will have to start changing or using other names for different behaviours.

– Three strikes policies are no good for today and tomorrows companies images. Far from dissuading or teaching this policies have more risk and costs than advantages. Besides, a lot of the new wave of professional content creators believe that criminalizing their customers and potential customers is bad policy by all means. To correctly educate we need positive values, not negative ones.

– Above all, everybody concluded that we have to create new business models to capture people’s attention instead of fighting them as if they where plain criminals. Actually they are fans and potential customers.

– To believe that Internet is a mere exploitation window might be the next big mistake of entertainment industry. Internet, as an extension of reality is therefore real and turns out to be the environment, what surrounds today’s world linking all the possible and aspects of it. We have to understand it and focus all the steps of entertainment industry business as intimately related even merged with the Internet.

– Involve people in the creation and distribution process to teach them and make them aware of it’s complexity but in a positive way is a key for success.

– Users are willing to pay, but mostly for unique services related to the content. Understanding this we can offer unique premium contents and services by engaging customers through the contents we used to sell in the past century.

Here is our presentation:

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