Safe Creative’s warranty arrives to Jamendo’s artists

  • Jamendo is a music share community which configures a perfect platform for artists to spread their work on a free and independent manner.
  • With this agreement, Jamendo’s artists will be able to enjoy a highly legal protection and will offer through the Internet semantic information of their rights using the innovative technology offered by Safe Creative.

Madrid, September 3rd, 2009.

Safe Creative has announced a new deal with Jamendo, the biggest Internet based platform of music distribution, which recently included within its platform the automatic registration of its music on Safe Creative, offering to its artists the legal benefits and the online information of the rights registered at the Safe Creative’s Copyright Registry.

Jamendo is a community to legally share and download music which started in the musical industry as a chance for artists to promote their music online. Through this platform, artists can authorize the free sharing of their albums and songs, making possible the diffusion of their music online while protecting their rights thanks to the new technologies and to the “Creative Commons” license agreements.

In this context, Jamendo gives a step forward with this agreement, which, from the beginning will allow remarkable artists to take advantage of the protection of a Safe Creative registration, the first online Copyright Registry, which will give an extra guarantee to their Creative Commons licenses.

The system will bring more security, rigor, will difficult plagiarism and will facilitate the providing of information, thanks to the registration, deposit, certification and information of works and artists’ rights at Safe Creative.

“After one year of a close collaboration, we are proud to being able to offer to our artists a free and supplementary instrument with Safe Creative which for us is the milestone of the intellectual protection and which share our same values about Creative Commons” affirms Sylvain Zimmen, Jamendo’s founder.

The artists will be able to manage their registration through Jamendo’s site, which will show at any time a section with the registration data of the work in Safe Creative, offering users an immediate access to the information about the authorship and the rights of use on that specific work; and to the programs and distribution nets will offer a manner (API) to automatically research (semantic).

Besides the traditional advantages of a registration, and due to the incorporation of the Safe Creative Registry, the property rights of the works distributed by Jamendo can be sought and “comprehended” by any P2P software, web or system through a front line API of semantic information of Safe Creative.

“The agreement with business models as Jamendo makes this new revolution of the music diffusion through the Internet a reality more toucheable each day” affirms Mario Pena, Coordinator of the Safe Creative user community.

About Jamendo

Jamendo is the first worldwide platform to download music free and legally. It is available in eight different languages, the website offers the wider free and no cost music catalogue in the world: 200,000 songs and 20,000 albums by more than 9,500 artists throughout the world. The innovative Jamendo’s economical model allows the free character of the downloads for the users as well as the remuneration of the artists, based on the share out of the incoming revenues from advertisement and the commercial uses. Jamendo PRO is a new service online, launched on January 2009, which allows to relate the Jamendo’s artists with the brands, this is possible through:

  • the environmental sound, telematics radios and without advertisement, public places (as restaurants, hotels, sports arenas,…)
  • the sync to video projects, advertisement, documentaries,…

Ducati, MTV, Orange, Saint-Macloud, Subway, Quick, Arte, EuroRSCG already trust us. For the artists is also a unique promotion and remunerative platform. Launched in 2005 by Sylvain Zimmer, Laurent Kratz and Pierre Gérard, nowadays Jamendo is formed by an international team of more than 20 people, with main offices in Luxemburg. Jamendo combines legal, technological and economic innovations to offer a unique proposal to the digital music.
To get more information about Jamendo visit:
To get more information about Jamendo PRO visit:

About Safe Creative

Safe Creative is the biggest Copyright Registry in a digital format, worldwide, independent and open, which offers open or professional services for registration, certificates, consultancy and diffusion of the intellectual property rights.

There are already more than 17,000 authors who can protect and manage in a very easy and intuitive manner their rights, as well as offering transparent and real time  semantic information to software, P2P networks and diffusion systems throughout the Internet.

Safe Creative #0909034359323

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